There's Nothing Like Getting Answers.

Are they the one? Does this teaching job really bring out the best in me? Would I be happy living in Costa Rica? Every sincerely asked question has a real, true answer. Are you ready for yours?

There's Nothing Like Getting Answers.


Understand your personal blueprint, the individualized roadmap to you and your path in life.


Grasp how we're all connected to one another, each one of us a unique reflection of a clear Divine Order.


See your ‘shadow’ with crystal clear clarity and turn it into a device for self-awareness and ground-breaking personal evolution.


Become conscious of - and potentially release - old and limiting beliefs, habits, and patterns.


Identify, manage, and transcend developmental trauma.


Maximize the potentials of your life cycles as they happen – making it much easier to surrender into the flow of both your particular life and life in general.


Gain much deeper appreciation and compassion for the both the purpose and pain of others.


Learn to understand and work with the particular people in your life (romantic partners, children, work colleagues, counseling and coaching clients, etc.), and do it in new, solution-oriented, mutually empowering ways.


Perceive the world in a whole new symbolic (yet, even more ‘real’ than now) way, opening many new doors of esoteric learning and synchronistic living.

About me

Meet Anand

Hi! My name is Anand Vadehra aka The Ultimate Astrologer. 

I’ve had an undying passion for Truth since I was a child. 

Helping others clear the clouds with the help of the incredible tool of Astrology and find what’s true for them in their career, love-life, home-life, etc. brings the greatest joy to my heart. 

In fact, it was this same passion for Truth that kept me AWAY from Astrology for more than half my life. 

In my 20s, I was a Ph.D. student in Chemistry at the world-renowned California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

At that time, I was a strong believer in science as the way to truth in, essentially, all areas of life. 

Eventually, however, I came to realize there are things science does well and other things, well, it does not. 

As both a truth seeker AND a lover of all people, called to help them see what they have trouble seeing on their own, I left the halls of academia. 

The moment I did, something miraculous happened: Astrology, a topic I’d always scoffed at, laughed off as nonsense, suddenly seemed interesting to me. 

It’s a long story, but, before I knew it, I started studying Astrology day and night; I’ve now been an Astrologer for the past 19 years! 

So, take it from me, a MAJOR skeptic for the first 27 years of my life, there is nothing like quite like Astrology when it comes to understanding both ourselves and others. 

If you’ve never had a reading with me, I’d be truly honored if you allowed me the chance to be of service. And if you’re already a client, I’m sure I’ll see you soon!

In Their Words

My Clients Experience

Schedule a reading

When you get a reading with me, it’s about YOU, YOUR TIME, and YOUR QUESTIONS.  I do not restrict you to one “type” of reading.

In other words, while I do, of course, offer all the classic types of readings  Natal, Synastry, Transits and Progressions, and Relocation  I will address your specific questions using the appropriate Astrological charts in the time allotted. 

Here are some of the kinds of questions I can help you answer:

  • What is my purpose/lifepath?
  • What are my greatest gifts and challenges? 
  • How can I maximize my gifts and transform my challenges into additional gifts?
  • What are my blind spots? How can I work with them?
  • How can I heal and even transcend my particular trauma(s)?
  • How can I deeply understand and improve the relationship dynamics between myself and those close to me, e.g. a partner, a child, a friend, a parent, etc.? 
  • Is this person “the one” for me?
  • What does my future hold in store for me? What kinds of phases and cycles will I be entering into? How can I thrive in each of the these?
  • What are the best places on earth for me and why? (great for picking a place to find buy a home, start a new business, find love, raise a family, etc.).