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Meet Anand Vadehra

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Hi, I'm Anand!

I've been an Astrologer for 18 years.

To this day, a statement like the one above shocks me to say because, as a person whose entire life has been a perpetual search for reason, order, and, ultimately, truth…

I used to laugh off Astrology. 


In fact, for much of my twenties, my search brought me in the seeming opposite direction—to science—at the highest levels. 

In the spring of 2000, I earned my B.S. in Chemistry from SUNY-Stony Brook, in New York, where I received various university awards for my schoolwork and national recognition for my research.

Then, in the fall of 2000, with a love of quantum theory and a dream of becoming a world-class chemistry professor, I joined the Nobel Laureate-laden halls of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, CA to pursue my Ph.D. in Chemistry.

But my time at Caltech, around some of the greatest minds in the world, didn’t bring me the clarity and insight I sought. 

And, while I appreciate the scientific method as a general approach to the attainment of certain kinds of knowledge, it has very real limits. 

So, I took a leap, a distinctly ‘non-scientific’ leap of faith: only a year a half before I was set to complete my Ph.D., I said “no” to my head and “yes” to my heart… and left Caltech.

With that decision, I also left behind the financial security of my full fellowship and a reasonably straightforward path to a university teaching job after graduation.

My friends and family were dumbfounded; some were upset. My father, in particular, cried.

But I felt good, light.

My thoughts now free from the expectations and assumptions I carried on my former path, I took my first real, open-minded look into Astrology. 

And, when I did, it blew me away. 

Astrology showed me an undeniable, underlying order beneath the thought patterns, behaviors, events, phases, and cycles we all go through, each in our own way.

I was hooked. 


I studied it endlessly, gave lots of free readings, and, eventually, became a professional Astrologer. 

For the next thirteen years, I did my absolute best to help people improve their lives and heighten their happiness with this incredible, versatile tool.

Now, I’ll admit, Astrology had a number of seeming problems and inconsistencies, most of which the average layperson didn’t even know about, most of which I couldn’t reconcile. 

But I could live with them because they didn’t hinder my particular use of Astrology. 

One problem, however, always gnawed at the corners of my mind: why and how in the world does Astrology work!?

Ultimate Astrology

From casual enthusiasts of Astrology, to dedicated students, to professional Astrologers and their clients, most agree on one thing: the planets exert some kind of influence on us. Astrology, then, is usually thought of as the study and interpretation of that influence. 

I kinda, sorta went along with this idea for the first thirteen years of my career, even though it never felt quite right, even though no one had ever been able to demonstrate scientific proof, let alone any other kind of proof, that planetary “influence” actually existed. 

The best anyone had ever done was perform statistical studies that correlated certain planetary placements to certain career choices people often made.

But correlation is not the same thing as causation.

Regardless, I didn’t have a better explanation for Astrology than planetary influence, and the fact was that Astrology did, indeed, work. It really helped me. It really helped others.

That’s all that matters, right?


Then, in December of 2016, my relationship to Astrology, let alone my relationship to EVERYTHING ELSE, was forever changed when I had a revelation. 

This revelation was not only personally life-altering, it was unequivocally universal. Moreover, it was unlike anything I’d ever heard before.

So, all these things considered, it needed a name.

Having tried and failed to give it a more modest-sounding one, I called it, “The Great Secret” because, well, that’s what it is. 

The Great Secret (which is no way related to “The Secret”) was the answer to my lifelong search for reason and order because it pointed to the existence of a real, overarching, underlying, unchanging truth about life, what many call in spiritual circles call, “The Ultimate Truth.”  

What’s more, it lead me to endless insights into every part of my life, into every part of myself. 

If that wasn’t enough, it showed me the meaninglessness of Astrology’s seeming problems and uncloaked the actual why and how behind it’s awesome capabilities.

In fact, The Great Secret confirmed with total clarity what my gut already knew:  

Astrology has nothing to do with the planets.

That’s right. Nothing.


Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “Yes! The whole planet thing never made sense to me either.” Or, perhaps you’re thinking, “No way!! Astrology is nothing without the planets!”

Either way, you’re probably wondering what it told me about Astrology.

And I can’t wait to tell you. 

Yet, I’m going to.

Please let me explain. 

As I just shared, the understanding of how and why Astrology really works is based on an understanding of The Great Secret.

And I’d love to tell you The Great Secret so I can explain the truth about Astrology. 

But I have learned time and time again, I cannot simply, explicitly tell you The Great Secret. 

If I do, it will, for good reason, get misinterpreted or dismissed and, as a result, rendered useless.

As someone whose been teaching for decades, I’m crystal clear that real learning occurs through experience (including ‘virtual’ experience like story and metaphor) and, therefore, emotionally, before it can be truly understood and applied in any kind of meaningfully useful way.

Thus, I’ve learned I must help you first grasp The Great Secret emotionally and practically before helping you put it all together intellectually. 

Once that’s been accomplished, it’s rather simple to teach you the truth about Astrology quickly, easily, and unambiguously.

Since this is not the forum to do all that, I encourage you to just hang on to the idea, on faith for now, that “The Great Secret” points to the existence of the Ultimate Truth. 

To be clear for those who might not know what I mean by the “Ultimate Truth,” it’s the age-old spiritual conviction that asserts every “thing” in our physical reality, ourselves included, is actually “part” of a oneness, one all-knowing mind, one infinite, formless, part-less consciousness, below and beyond the appearance of our separate, individual bodies. 

It suggests, therefore, that physical reality is, fundamentally, an illusion. 

Taking all this full circle, I hope you can now understand why I do “Ultimate Astrology” (and call myself “The Ultimate Astrologer”). 

Ultimate Astrology is simply my way of translating and using Astrology based on it’s real foundation, the Ultimate Truth, and all that it teaches us about honoring our spiritual reality THROUGH the living our actual, embodied lives.

In fact, this utterly practical approach is the core of Ultimate Astrology and how I practice it because, although our bodies are, in fact, illusory…

Our experience of them is undeniably real. 


What better way to navigate our experience of the body than through the Ultimate Truththe actual basis of its seeming existence. 

In fact, the Ultimate Truth is the only real, accurate guide we have to do this, the only real, accurate guide that could ever exist to do this.

As a result, Ultimate Astrology is the most astonishingly accurate self-help tool available (of which I’m aware). 

It is neither magic nor divination nor superstition, and certainly not the entertainment-motivated indulgence of a simple, generic, impersonal sun-sign horoscope.

It offers us an elaborate bounty of practical, emotional, and spiritual guidance while staying utterly clear, straightforward, and ‘real’ as it gets.

Whether you’re a student who wants to get the best education in Astrology there is, a student of spirituality who wants to take their lived experience to the truly spiritual and, therefore, most practically useful depths, or you’re someone who’d like a reading to get the guidance and answers you need now, I’m here and ready to be of service.

If you give me a chance to show you what it really is and how it really works, I promise Ultimate Astrology will not only blow your mind, but it will change your very perception of life forever.

The Answers You Want

Ultimate Astrology offers real answers, not just to life’s “big” philosophical questions, but to life’s most pressing, and stressing, questions of the day, such as “Why do I treat my brother like this?” “How come all my friendships come and go so easily?” “Why do I have such a hard time feeling motivated at my job?”… and endless others.

Understood and used properly, Ultimate Astrology blesses each and every one of us with an authentic, reliable, and rational road map to our own lives. 

It graces us with the offering of unparalleled self-awareness, including information and guidance on our perceived traumas and “blind” spots. 

It shows us how to clarify, master, honor, and integrate our default beliefs, preferences, habits, gifts, and needs, even how to transcend them (when it’s true to do so). 

It helps us understand how our lives transform over time, how we show up in certain relationships, and how we feel in certain places.

The Peace You Need

Ultimate Astrology gives you the vision to see what you may have trouble seeing on your own: the order just beneath your life’s apparent chaos. 

Would you like to see this order? 

All you need is an unabashed desire to be happy, an unabashed belief that you deserve to be happy.

Do you have that desire? Do you have that belief? 

If so, answers to your most important questions about yourself, your loved ones, or anyone else who crosses your path, can be had and bring you the peace you so desperately need.

Next Steps

You can catch an upcoming episode of my weekly, live YouTube show, The Magnificent You, where I answer viewers’ questions about themselves, their love lives, their career, and whatever else is on their mind, with the help of their Ultimate Astrology. 

Perhaps you’d like me to answer one of YOUR questions live on the show. 

Click here to apply to be a guest on an upcoming episode.

You can also experience the incredible power and versatility of Ultimate Astrology at far greater depths through your own, life-changing, private reading. 

Click here to read about and try one of my many, full-length private readings

Finally, I’m thrilled to announce that in late 2021 you’ll be able to join others just like you in learning Ultimate Astrology through a ground-breaking, highly experiential, and, most importantly, FUN approach with me online in The Ultimate Astrology School.

By offering a modest, cancel-any-time membership fee of just $50/month, which includes total access to all courses and workshops, I’ve removed the financial barrier of $1000-$3000 for a single, typical, high-quality Astrology class, workshop, or retreat. 

One of my goals for this school is to build a worldwide community of learners, healers, and leaders. 

So, if you’d like to learn and connect in a growing community such as this, your life can start to get better and better NOW. The clouds can start to clear.

And while building this kind of community excites me on every level, my bottomline purpose is to help each of you empower yourself to use Ultimate Astrology on your own, at any time. 

I want to help you gift yourself the lifelong means to help both yourself and those you love find answers and restore peace of mind whenever life is feeling challenging, overwhelming, or confusing.

I want to help you find what I’ve found: a life experience of greater and greater happiness, moment by moment, day by day.

I’ll be announcing more information about the school in the summer and fall of 2021. The best way to get updates is to join my email list. You can do that by clicking the button below.

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the ultimate astrologer

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