Ultimate Astrology:

Fundamentally, real Astrology, what I call “Ultimate Astrology,” has nothing to do with the planets. That’s right. Nothing. Astrology works because its based on The Ultimate, or Spiritual, or, you could even say, Quantum Mechanical, Truth of who we really are—of our oneness below and beyond the appearance of our separate bodies. It is not voodoo, or magic, or divination, or superstition, or even silly entertainment. If you give me a chance to show what it really is and how it really works, I promise it will not only blow your mind, but it will change your very perception of life as you know it.

The Peace You Need:

Ultimate Astrology gives you the vision to see what most don’t: the order just beneath life’s apparent chaos. Would you like to see this order? All you need is an unabashed desire to be happy. Do you have that? Do you believe you deserve to be happy? Do you want answers to your most important questions about yourself, your loved ones, or anyone else who crosses your path. Do you want answers that will bring you the peace you so desperately need?


Release Judgment and Manifest Your Desires!

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